Full-Time Position:

Sales Executive (Including but not limited to):

  • Develop new business sales and client relationships through sales calls, networking events, and a general pro-active approach to obtaining new clients.
  • If the candidate is bringing with them an existing book of business this will be considered an advantage in the vetting process.
  • The candidate’s responsibilities: initial client contact, writing of the proposal for the scope of work discussed, management and adjustment of said proposal and project through contract execution, obtaining timely deposits and payments and, depending on the scope of work, on-site client management.
  • Additional responsibilities to also include continued growth of knowledge of the industry, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and attending trade shows.
  • Social and corporate experience is welcomed.
  • Compensation will vary pending the experience and existing book of business but will include a mix of salary/draw and commission, split pay health insurance, 401k availability with company matching (available after 1 year of employment), and bonus based on performance and company financials.
Production Manager (Including but not limited to):
  • Liaising with the sales team on a regular basis, to include production meetings, in order to relay all the required information for the job.
  • Overseeing the installation of the jobs to ensure the job is installed as it was sold to the client, with a high level of detail. In some scenarios, the removal of said jobs as well.
  • While on-site, record crew clock-in and out times.
  • Report back to management regarding the crew (Tardiness, strengths, weaknesses, etc).
  • Client interaction while on the job site to ensure their desires are being met.
  • Ensuring the correct gear is speced for your assigned jobs prior to them leaving the warehouse. This would entail consulting with the various department heads.
  • Ensuring all floor plans are accurate and available to the crew.
  • Liaising with the client to ascertain missing logistical details prior to install.
  • Knowledge of R2 software is a bonus.
  • Site inspections.
  • Compensation based on experience.
Operations Assistant (Including but not limited to):
  • Supporting the Operations Manager with day-to-day tasks.
  • Schedule labor in advance of confirmed events.
  • Solving gear conflicts in advance of the event dates.
  • Placing cross-rental orders necessary to solve said conflicts.
  • Knowledge of R2 software is a bonus.
  • Compensation based on experience.

Full Time & Part Time Positions:

  • Senior Account Executive
  • Senior Production Manager
  • Junior Production Manager
  • Logistics/Personnel Scheduler
  • Warehouse Lighting/Repair Tech
  • (2) Field Lighting Programmer (LP)/Lighting Tech (L2)
  • Field Audio Engineer (A1)/Audio Tech (A2)
  • Warehouse Audio/Repair Tech
  • Master Electrician (ME)
  • Video Engineer (V1 – Barco S3/E2 training/experience a plus)
  • Video Technician (V2)
  • LED Wall Technician (Familiar w/ ROE a plus)
  • Scenic Lead (Design & Execution)
  • Warehouse Assistant Manager (R2 knowledge & training a plus)
  • Truck Driver


  • Lighting Programmer (L1)
  • Lighting Technician (L2)
  • Master Electrician (ME)
  • Rigger (ETCP certified a plus)
  • Video Engineer (A1 – Barco S3/E2 training/experience a plus)
  • Video Technician (V2)
  • LED Wall Technician (Familiar w/ ROE a plus)
  • Scenic Technician
  • Fabric Technician
  • Audio Engineer (A1)
  • Audio Tech (A2)
  • Truck Driver
  • Stagehand

If interested please send your resume, if available, and your contact information to opportunities@frostflorida.com.